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Unrivalled Stopping Power

Alcon Carbon Ceramic Xtreme

Brake later, brake harder – with improved stability – lap after lap, without fade. It’s just what you need when you’re attacking the track. Alcon CCX brakes offer almost a 30% reduction in brake disc mass over the original equipment, yet deliver a 10% increase in braking torque.

Bred from Alcon’s motorsport experience and tested extensively on both the road and on the gruelling Nurburgring, CCX is the last word in braking when it comes to on-track performance.

Traditionally, it is accepted that carbon ceramic brakes are not generally suitable for road use as they rarely attain the high working temperature needed to work efficiently. This isn’t the case with the design of Alcon’s CCX system, where efficient braking starts from cold, delivering exceptional initial bite. Alcon CCX is confidence inspiring for all levels of driver ability.

Shorter stopping distances and increased vehicle stability under even the heaviest braking not only improves road safety but makes for the ultimate late braking on the track time after time.

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Alexander Sims,
McLaren GT Development Driver